Chongqing International Expo Center is a set of exhibitions, conferences, restaurants, accommodation, entertainment and other functions into a modern stadium, with a total construction area of 600,000 square meters , including indoor exhibition area of 200,000 square meters .There are total of 16 exhibition halls, it is the second largest expo center in China.

CAH was being an audio provider respectively to two conference rooms and one grand ballroom. Because this expo center is an important projects in Chongqing City, therefore, the CAH arranged several site visits to our technician, combined with project requirements, CAH made a tough equipment selection, finally we were choosing the U.S. brand RENKUS-HEINZ's IC LIVE series and CF / CFX series loudspeakers. Two conference rooms were provided 4 units of RH IC LIVE Series active loudspeakers, and 16 units of IC LIVE series and 18 units of CF / CFX Series active loudspeakers were provided in the Grand Ballroom.

Conference rooms adopted RH IC LIVE and CF / CFX Series loudspeakers, referring EASE acoustic design software by the actual area of conference rooms, it can ensure complete coverage of the audience and clarity speech. Finally, the relevant units gave this project a very high rating, the conference room which can accommodate over 1,000 guests is still sound clear, the overall sound is perfect, they thought that the quality of RENKUS-HEINZ is very high.