Dalian Sports Center is a key project of Dalian sport construction, the stadium would be served as the venues of 2013 12th National Games gymnastics competition. The audio products that CAH provided must be able to meet the sound reinforcement requirements of NBA tournament standards of professional sports (basketball) venue, but also to fulfill the sound reinforcement requirements of international and domestic large-scale theatrical performances, conferences and related activities.

CAH was really proud to take part in this project, however sport venue was its own defect, it added the difficult of this project. It is due to the large stadium, sound bouncing is easily caused by the reflecting surface which far from the sound source. After CAH's technician field trips, and constant communication with client, we hope to provide the best audio products to Dalian Sports Center. After thousands of carefully chosen, finally we chose RENKUS-HEINZ as the main speaker of this project.

The auditorium of main stadium totally installed 48 units of PN102LAR line array loudspeakers, 24 units of DR18-2 subwoofer and 18 units of ST7/94 powered speakers. These auditorium loudspeakers cooperated with the four ST5M2/42 venue active speakers and 12 sets stage speakers, to create a huge sound system. It is able to meet the requirements of different events, but also reach the highest speech intelligibility, largest coverage area, the minimal sound interference, and the best sound quality.

12th National Games has already came to the end, the public address system of Dalian Sports Center also successfully completed its first task. City leaders and owners of sports center affirmed and praised our overall work, and very satisfied of the sound effect.