Guang Dong Shunde Desheng School has already made its mark in terms of academic standing in the Shunde district. The school also famous in exchange the Chinese and Western culture, since it started the International Education Division. The school has a beautiful campus and advanced teaching facilities, providing a good learning environment to its students.

 The school invested many in the teaching facilities, students can get benefit on it. This time, CAH provided some audio products in the Guang Dong Shunde Desheng School Library project. Four-storey school library has two small conference rooms and a whole floor meeting room. The new audio facilities allowed students can study well, and the library also can use for normal meeting, seminar and musical.

 The first and second floor of library are for reading. These two floors installed over 25 ceiling speakers, combined with beyerdynamic SHM 105F gooseneck microphone, Rane MLM 82S mic and line mixer and Rane MA4 multichannel amplifier, form a broadcasting and background music system. 

 There are two small conference rooms in the library, it is usually for routine meeting use. Two loudspeakers and one CAH U-3650D wireless microphone were separately applied in the two small conference rooms, for conference and presentation used.

 The whole floor conference room is located in fourth floor, it is usually for routine conferences, seminars and concerts, that’s why it needed a bigger audio system. Four Renkus-Heinz IC Series loudspeakers acted as the left/ right main FOH loudspeaker, and the other four Renkus-Heinz CF Series acted as center loudspeakers and foldback loudspeakers, being the important audio system of conference room. In the control room, the audio will through Rane MLM 82S mic and line mixer output to two Renkus-Heinz CF Series monitor loudspeakers. To match with the concert used, the big conference room is also set a CAH PRO-164 console mixer, with Rane HAL3 and Rane ME60S graphic equalizer, so to mix up the music together and then output. Two CAH U-3650D wireless microphones and four beyerdynamic SHM 105F gooseneck microphones were applied in the big conference room, so it can be used for meeting purpose at anytime. 

 School library had already used, to compare with the old audio system, the new audio system has lower noise level, less interference and voice distortion, it should be able to handle the concert and conference used.