The Open University of Hong Kong (OUHK)
is a first university of Hong Kong which offer part-time programs to adult students. Through the development from university, it began to offer full-time programs in 2001. In response to the pressing demand, the university wanted to develop a new campus, which is Jubilee College. It is a honor that Renkus-Heinz loudspeakers had participated in the auditorium of Jubilee College.

Jubilee College had already established in the early of 2014, and OUHK organized a open ceremony of Jubilee College. There are multi-role of the auditorium, such as live performances, seminars, ceremonies and large classes. The auditorium needed to design a flexible sound system which is suitable for multi-role. All the guests who attended the open ceremony were appreciated of the sound system in auditorium.

 Renkus-Heinz loudspeakers set up a LCR FOH system in the auditorium. The new surrounding sound system can fully coverage the center of stage, but also the front/back of stage and left/right of stage. The whole surrounding sound spread into four parts which are front, back, left and right of the stage. 

 For the front of stage, three RH CFX151c were installed in the ceiling which were centralized of middle front stage, cooperating with two RH CFX81c which were installed in the left and right side of stage formed a basic sound system. To reinforce the sound system in front stage, three RH CFX61c were installed inside of the stage stairs. 

 For the left, right and back of stage, there were total twelve RH CFX81c installed around left, right and back of stage. Combined with the front stage sound system, create a completed surrounding sound system in auditorium. 

 For class and seminar recording and projecting, the image from camera through Rane DA216 distribution amplifier output to the projectors and video recorder. 

 The multi-purpose hall outfitted with sports facilities, the hall was available for holding exhibitions, sports events, performances and discussions forums. Due to the usage of hall, the hall needed to transfer a clear human voice. There were four RH IC8 were specially installed in the hall. The advantage of using RH IC8 is even in the most demanding acoustic environment, IC8 still brings intelligible sound.