Wuxi Higher Normal School is a famous school with 100 years of history , the school has already trained thousands of the professionals. Schools decided to invest 500 million to build a new campus, students will reach 6,000 after built a new campus.

Music Theater in the new campus will be a new sign of school, it will be used as a major venue for theatrical performances and student performances, the construction of theater got many attentions from the students and school. In order to better understand the needs of the project, through communication with school and field trip, CAH decided to supply 14 units of RENKUS-HEINZ CF / CFX and 10 units of TRX Series loudspeakers, 4 units of RANE ME60S equalizer and a desk of RANE RPM88 digital audio processor.

RENKUS-HEINZ owned a number of patented technologies, its CF / CFX and TRX Series loudspeakers have TRAP patented technology to provide a uniform, stable sound pressure , coupled with RANE RPM88 digital audio processor, accurate processing of signals through the processor. CAH's professional attitude and service got the school's praise and recognition, while they were also satisfied with practical effects of our product.