Wujin Phoenix Valley Theater is located in the south of Wujin District Government Changzhou, Jiangsu. To compare with the similar projects, Phoenix Valley Theater project is one of the most famous in the design, technical content and the difficulty of building in China.

After infrastructure, Phoenix Valley will be put into use as main venue for conferences, cultural and drama performances. It is the honor of CAH to be the audio product provider in Wujin Phoenix Theater project.

To design the sound and audio system of project, CAH considered both the actual usage of theater and requirements of the owners, finally we tailored out a perfect solution of audio system, and chose a famous loudspeaker brand, RENKUS-HEINZ.

There are two theaters in Wujin Phoenix Valley Theater, Main theater and Small theater. For the main theater, CAH chose to use 14 units of STX7/64 as the main loudspeaker, cooperated with 20 units of TRX81/12 speakers installed in the auditorium, adding other Renkus-Heinz loudspeakers to meet conference and live TV functions. For the small theater, CAH provided 4 units of STX4/44 and 2 units of STX4/94, cooperated with 6 units of TRX121/9 stage loudspeakers, adding other Renkus-Heinz speakers, it must be fulfill different cultural and arts activities.

Our customer was very pleased with the quality and result of our work. They think that we provided good service and product quality.