Wuhu Shimao Riviera Garden is a riverside project combining luxury residential buildings, cultural and arts center and international star-class hotel, erecting a new milestone in the city’s residential property market and urban development. Cultural and Arts Center is an important buildings in Riviera Park, and become a new landmark in the park.

The cultural and arts center project involves the theater, bearing different conferences and reports around the community, but also meeting different types of theatrical performances and variety shows , so the client set a very high standard of sound system .

CAH is proud to be a audio product provider in cultural and arts center project, to meet the sound requirement from the client, finally CAH adopted our agents brand RENKUS-HEINZ, which is the U.S. famous audio brand. RH speakers is the main speaker supplier in this project. RENKUS-HEINZ has three core patented technologies, CoEntrant technology , Complex Conic horn technology and TRAP technology, it proved that RH is an expert in the industry. In this project, CAH used a 3 units of RENKUS-HEINZ PN / PNX series and 4 units of ST / STX series as the left, right and central channel in speaker system, 2 units of DRS18-2B subwoofers and 4 units of TRX Series loudspeakers as the stage speaker system.

Client agreed RENKUS-HEINZ products is stable and reliable. Also the audiences and theater users were satisfied the sound effect that created by RENKUS-HEINZ.