The Spanish restaurant TAPAGRIA, which is located in 18th Floor of The ONE --- the shopping center in Tsim Sha Tsui. The restaurant is opened by the famous Hong Kong actress, Miss Carina Lau Kar-ling, and it mainly to serve Spanish wines and tapas.The silent atmosphere makes it as a good place to talk with friends, the atmosphere  will be changed to hottest bar by DJ in every Friday and Saturday night.

TAPAGRIA creates romantic atmosphere with soft lighting and stunning Hong Kong scenery, it is a most to have some good audio equipments to strength the romantic atmosphere. It is a honor for CAH to provide 12 units of Renkus-Heinz CF121-5 powered speakers, 4 of units Renkus-Heinz CF15S-5 and 2 units of Renkus-Heinz CF12S-5 active subwoofers, to TAPAGRIA to create a romantic and hottest sound effect. Renkus-Heinz CF Series speakers feature high-definition with a point source, but also has high sound pressure in line array system and excellent directly control. The loudspeakers can interpret the excellent DJ music, but also can express soft and romance music.

In addition, because the restaurant has an outdoor dining area , it is a must to use the PA system, bringing the music inside the restaurant to the outdoors, or play different music in restaurant and outdoor dining areas, and Rane HAL3 is able to take this job. Use the Rane HAL3, room combining and paging no longer need intricate matrix mixing or default, and paging partition is now without substantial wiring. And the restaurant is more selected Rane DR2B digital control panel, it can easily control Rane HAL3.