As mentioned before, CAH took many parts in The Reach clubhouse. Beside the Mini 3D Theatre, we also provided CAH, ECLER, Rane and Renkus-Heinz products to spa rooms, private banquets, karaoke rooms, learning and private kitchen, aerobics room, yoga room and kick boxing area.

Next to the Mini Theatre, there are two karaoke rooms catering for groups of up to 10 people. Beside the speakers, the spotlight of karaoke rooms must be the microphone. Here, 4 units of CAH U-3550 dual channel wireless microphone system are used in two karaoke rooms. The amazing microphone system can transfer ultra clear voice quality, providing amazing experience to the users.

There are two banquets in the clubhouse. If there is a need, two banquets can be combined into one big banquet. It is a challenge for us to provide the AV products. ECLER HZA4-120F and HZA4-150R amplifiers are responsible to power the ceiling speakers in two banquets. Room combining and DSP functionality has been enabled by virtue of an ECLER MIMO88 matrix. For transfer the HDMI signal from the control room to the banquets, 2 units of Opticis HDFX-150-TR have been used to transfer HDMI signal to televisions. 2 units of CAH U-3550 are applied as part of the audio system.

Besides the banquet, private kitchen is also a place for residents to entertain guests. So the products used here are similar with the banquets. The function of 2 units of CAH U-3550 microphone and ECLER MIMO88 matrix are same in private kitchen. ECLER HZA4-70 amplifier is also powered 2 units of Renkus-Heinz CFX81 full-range speakers and other ceiling speakers. ECLER 2VSPRS acts like a music player, working with ECLER MIMO88 matrix.

To provide soft and relax back ground music to the SPA area, ECLER MIMO88 matrix, ECLER HMA180 amplifier, Rane MA4 amplifier, Rane MT4 transformer and 4 units of Rane VR2 volume remote are used to set up a complete BGM system. ECLER HMA180 amplifier is recommended to apply as the BGM solution, took responsible for the public area BGM. For room combining and DSP functionality, ECLER MIMO88 matrix cooperated with Rane MA4 amplifier and MT4 transformer forming a complete rooms’ BGM system. Rane VR2 volume remote was installed in every room to control the volume of the music.

The yoga, aerobics and kick boxing facilities have all been outfitted with similar audio systems. They are all installed ECLER HMA180 amplifier, Rane CP52S processor and Rane ZR1 remote as the public address or BGM system. It can provide dynamic music to encourage users to do exercise. ECLER HMA180 amplifier with CAH U-3550 microphone are also applied in the learning kitchen.

The clubhouse is almost finishing final decoration, and totally open to the users. All the equipment are in testing now, and the client really appreciated our products’ quality.