Chi Lin Nunnery found in 1934, is a large Buddhist complex located in Diamond Hill. It covers a space of more than 33,000 square meters, the temple complex includes a nunnery, temple halls, etc. Nunnery holds regular ceremonies and events to the believers. It is our honor to sponsor Renkus-Heinz loudspeakers and Rane multiprocessor to two ceremonies of nunnery.

The first sponsorship was on 13 April 2014, there were 2 IC-Live-Dual and 4 IC8 applied in the ceremony, they were placed on the corridors. Vertical pattern control makes IC Live can deliver intelligible speech in the most demanding acoustic environments. So the believers can hear clearly what master said.

The second sponsorship was on 18-24 May 2014, there were 4 IC8 loudspeakers and Rane HAL3 applied in the Sanskrit (楞嚴七) ceremony. In this ceremony, the masters and believers will recite Sanskrit during seven days. This time, 4 IC8 were hanging on the pillars, so that it can save more spaces for more believers. Rane HAL3 multiprocessor is used for tuning sound, and the Halogen web controls of HAL3 allowed the users control the HAL system by using any browser-enable devices.

Finally, both the masters and believers had a strong impression of the sound that provided by Renkus-Heinz speakers.They thanked for CAH sponsorship, and also appreciated of our professional service. They thought that if there is without our professional knowledge to set up the loudspeakers by considering the architecture of nunnery, the events could not invite so many believers.