St. Andrew’s Church is one of the oldest church in Hong Kong, it has stood at Nathan Road for over 100 years. The original church can only seat over 370 people, it cannot fulfill the new comer. So the church decided to build up the new Life Centre for the new generation. Renkus-Heinz speakers are involved in the new Life Centre and the renovation of the original church.

 The new auditorium of Life Centre can seat more than 800 people, beside prayer meeting, live band performance is also perform in the auditorium. Renksu-Heinz system has installed into the auditorium as main sound system. It is because the architect wanted to show the simplicity of the lines of the building. Twelve Renkus-Heinz PNX82 have been partially recessed into the ceiling in three rows of four speakers, following the contour of the ceiling line. Four PNX212-SUB passive subwoofers are concealed beneath the stage, along with four PNX61 front-fill speakers.

 Further Renkus-Heinz systems have been installed into the original church, with an IC16-R-II 16-driver digitally controlled, self-powered column speaker per-side, plus a PNX212-SUB subwoofer. Three Renkus-Heinz CFX81s and one CFX61 are installed as delay speakers on the left and right side of the lower gallery of the church. These are mounted close to the ceiling and tilted at a 40-degree angle towards the seats on both sides of the galleries. Renkus-Heinz system is good for this type of space as it gives more depth control. 

 Life Centre has opened in the end of 2015. And the church representative is really appreciated the sound system, and said that the people couldn’t hear the vicar during the service in the past, but now there’s good speech intelligibility.