Lululeomon is an American famous yoga brand. From the initial sale, Lululemon only took part in the relevant specialized yoga clothing and accessories, more than 10 years development, it now expands its business to the men and women causal and sportswear and accessories, and mainly to promote yoga, open up a yoga class. Now Lululemon has four showrooms in Hong Kong, it is a honor for CAH to provide ECLER's power amplifier and loudspeakers to Lululemon showroom.

ECLER CA200z amplifier cooperated with two units of ECLER AUDEO 106 loudspeakers, it is enough to provide dynamic advertising and background music in the showroom, creating a relaxing and comfortable feeling to impress the customers. ECLER's CA200z is always applied to the retail shops, because it is a all-in-one audio device, it can integrate with some external control devices perfectly, that's why CA200z is so popular.