K-Pub is a new pub which located in Sai Wan. To different with other pubs and bars in Sai Wan, K-Pub is emphasized on the audio and video quality. CAH is honored to design the solution and provide product supply to K-Pub. The pub owner required a flexible video system and powerful sound reinforcement. For this situation, Hitachi CP-WX4022WN, CAH loudspeaker, video matrix and Rane RPM88 multiprocessor had been installed.

 For video system, two Hitachi CP-Wx4022WN are placed two different sides of pub. The video matrix can route different video/ HDMI signal to either one or both Hitachi CP-WX4022WN projectors. Beside on this, the pub can play two different matches at the same time to attract different customers. 

 For audio system, CAH two-way speakers and subwoofers provided a powerful sound reinforcement to pub. Rane RPM88 digital processor can manage and distribute audio signal to all CAH speakers, or just distribute the audio signal to front or rear area. It can fulfill the requirement of pub owner, which hoped to have a powerful and flexible audio system.

 After the installation completed and system checked, the pub owner is satisfied with the system.


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