Fung Kai No.1 Secondary School established at 1932, and it owns the biggest school area in Kowloon and New Territories. The school invested many on equipment and facilities to improve teaching quality, it has a standard 400 meters track and field stadium, golf driving range, volleyball court, football courts, and basketball courts.  

 We are glad to participant in this project to improve speech and sound performance of school hall, Tannoy loudspeaker and Lab.gruppen amplifier were applied in the project.

 The problem of the school hall is the existing loudspeaker cannot fully coverage in the middle part of hall. Two Tannoy VLS 30 loudspeakers have installed in the two side of hall stage, which is next to the existing Renkus-Heinz CFX Series speaker. Tannoy VLS Series can improve the STI in the hall, so VLS 30 acts as the additional and auxiliary loudspeakers which combine with existing main loudspeaker to improve the speech and sound performance. 

 There is one more reason to choose Tannoy VLS 30. As mentioned before, the sound cannot coverage the middle part of hall and the center cluster speaker cannot be applied to the hall, to improve the coverage in the middle part of the hall, VLS 30 can provide large horizontal angle 130 degrees, so the sound can coverage the middle part of the hall.

 Lab.gruppen IPD2400 is the amplifier of two Tannoy VLS 30, because IPD2400 is match for VLS consistent power provided, and build in DSP function to drive and set the VLS system in flexible way.

 Installation was finished in the early of April 2015, the loudspeaker has already tested by school assembly, school was happy with the effect of Tannoy VLS 30 loudspeakers. And though the Tannoy VLS 30 can solve the problem.