K-Point is an all-in-one shopping center in Tuen Mun, brings all the necessities of life for residents in Tuen Mun, also attracted people from different distinct to come to Tuen Mun.

There is around 1000-15000 feet of the ground outside K-Point, it can be used for live performance. So K-Point decided to upgraded its public address system to fulfill the mall's needs. Besides having a wide ground outside K-Point, there is a small area inside the mall used for promotional booth, the promotional booth may need to use audio product for broadcasting. It is a must for CAH to decide a public Address to meet the needs from live performance and promotional booth, finally CAH chose two sets of CAH U-3550 wireless handheld microphones and one CAH PRO-142 mixing console.

During the live show, it may need the DVD player and CAH U-3550 wireless handheld microphone for broadcasting, through the CAH PRO-142 mixing console to combine and centralize the sounds of DVD player and microphone, becoming simple public address system.

Customer is very satisfied with the service from CAH, and though CAH product has a good quality standard and easy to use.