One famous German automobile manufacturer applied Tannoy’s loudspeakers in its new showroom in Hong Kong. The showroom is about providing an unique lifestyle environment to its loyal fans, besides they can enjoy the time with the brand’s product, there is a restaurant inside the showroom for experiencing a wonderful combination of vehicle presentation and food. Tannoy speaker provides high quality audio reinforcement in the showroom, creating relaxing atmosphere in the showroom. 

 Near the bar, 6 units of Tannoy OCV 8 and 2 units of CMS1201DC are installed. Tannoy speakers combined perfectly with the air-conditioning vent and the metal stents in the bar. And 5 units of Tannoy CMS803DC installed in the corridors between the toilets and restaurant. All Tannoy speakers relayed on Lab.gruppen C10:4x for providing power. 

 The showroom had already started its business in October 2015, and there are some international brands organized events and parties in the showroom. No matter the representative of the showroom or event’s organizers, they both appreciated the sound effect in the showroom. They though Tannoy is suitable in playing both soft and dynamic music, it helps showroom to generate different atmospheres.

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