It is our honor that Beyerdynamic, Ecler and Renkus-Heinz had participated in the project of the bank’s headquarter. That bank is one of the authorized to issue banknotes of Hong Kong. Besides the rich history, the bank headquarter is also very famous in worldwide. 

This project is to install a new AV systems of the bank’s headquarter auditorium. The highlight part of this project is the projection system in auditorium. To support the fantastic projection, it must have a fantastic audio system. 4 units of RH CF101LA loudspeaker can be arrayed to provide a 90x60 degree coverage pattern, tighter vertical pattern control than a conventional single cabinet. Combined with 1 unit of RH CF15S subwoofer can complete an existing left-right system, making it the perfect solution for a wide range of installed or portable sound needs. There are two sets of arrayed loudspeakers, total 8 units of RH CF101LA and 2 units of RH CF15S next to the screen, supporting different events with excellent and powerful sound effect.

Beside the auditorium, there are conference rooms on the two sides of auditorium, one of the conference room AV system needed a normal replacement. The conference room has adopted 12 units of Beyerdynamic MPC 65 V WS boundary microphone. MPC65 is recommended for conference system, it is a high quality speech reproduction requires that the microphone be small and unobtrusive. And there are 2 units of RH IC8-R-II next to the television being part of the conference system, to clarity address the conference content.

For public address and background music, 6 units of Ecler AUDEO 106 loudspeakers had installed in different area of conference room. Small and unobtrusive outlook makes AUDEO 106 popular in retail shops. In addition, Ecler MPA 6-150R amplifier is applied in the conference room. MPA 6-150R cooperated with Ecler and Renkus-Heinz loudspeakers, providing clarity sound in the conference room. To avoid any accidents, Ecler XPA 5000 amplifier is also provided as the backup amplifier.

The installation is finished now, and the client is very satisfied the effect that bring from CAH products.