Ever since, we’ve researched the science and technology of sound. Several of our innovations have been awarded US patents. Each discovery opens new avenues for investigation, fresh opportunities for improvement. After 20 years of development, the real excitement is just over the horizon. That’s why our founder Harro Heinz can still be found in our facility every day. That’s why our team of dedicated professionals can’t stop taking work home at night. That’s why discriminating audio professionals worldwide rely on us to help them set new standards of reference in sound reinforcement.

** CAH is the exclusive distributor of PRC, Hong Kong and Macao region.



Opticis Co., Ltd., the world-class solution provider of fiber-optic video & audio connectivity, located in Sungnam-city of South Korea, was founded in December, 1999. Opticis designs and manufactures a variety of fiber-optic digital links of quality and specially applied for long-distance extensions and no electric noises to medical imaging, digital signage, education/government, military/avionics and broadcast.

With a rich technical expertise in fiber-optic components and associated applications, Opticis aims to provide high-speed fiber-optic link solutions for digital video & audio extension and distribution, splitting and matrix routing mainly along with serial data interface and interconnection required in video & audio industry to assure the increased demand of the diversified use in graphic sources.

** CAH is the exclusive distributor of PRC, Hong Kong and Macao region.


Please click for 2016 Opticis Catalogue.


Since 1981 musicians, DJs, contractors and integrators have chosen Rane Corporation as an established innovator in problem-solving pro audio tools, affordably priced with unequalled reliability and customer service. Rane’s primary marketplaces are DJ (performance, club, mobile & recording) and Commercial (room-combining, paging and associated systems) featuring innovative analog and digital audio products for each category. Based in Mukilteo, WA, all products are designed and manufactured exclusively in the United States with worldwide product distribution.

**CAH is the exclusive distributor of China, Hong Kong and Macao region.



Ecler is an audio products manufacturer in Spain which is found in 1960. They design and manufacture Professional Audio products offering solutions on a reliability, innovation and service basis.

** CAH is the dealer of PRC, Hong Kong and Macao region.


Please click for 2017 ECLER Full Product Catalogue.


Technological advance, constant innovation and maximum quality standards ensure the company leads the field in sound technology worldwide. More than eighty-five years after its foundation, beyerdynamic still develops premium headphones and microphones in Germany, which are carefully handcrafted in the southern city of Heilbronn. Each of our products contains true passion and know-how for an excellent sound experience.

** CAH is the exclusive distributor of Beyerdynamic "Conference Technology" within PRC, Hong Kong and Macao region.



Vieta, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2004, is today a key manufacturer in the European consumer electronics industry. Founded during 1954 in Barcelona Spain, the company has developed a long and distinguished history with a current global turnover today in excess of EUR 50 Million.

The Vieta organisation is a diverse group of companies with divisions responsible for the manufacture of Pro Audio, Hi Fi, Home Cinema and Car Audio equipment. Yet even today the design and technology of Vieta products are still managed in-house via a dedicated research and development team in its headquarter facilities in Barcelona.

** CAH is the exclusive distributor of PRC, Hong Kong and Macao region.


Media Technology Systems

Media Technology Systems Inc., was formed by a talented team of industry professionals with many decades of experience at all levels, in real world, sophisticated networked audio systems and related products. A ‘holistic’ and intimate understanding of not just one area, but the whole interactive system of products found in practical applications, equips us to design, develop and offer the market, high value products not typically found from vertical product market suppliers. Flexible, systems sensitive designs that integrate with not only MTSi products but the rich variety of offerings in the market, allows us to create practical solutions for designers, owners and installers.

**CAH is the exclusive distributor of PRC, Hong Kong and Macau region.


CAH Audio

CAH Audio Products, Inc. USA is found in 1990 and registered the trademark in USA. With manufacturing variety kinds of audio products, like microphones, amplifiers, mixing consoles and signal processor, we could provide a total solution for you with high quality but cost-effective. To be completely held by CAH Professional Sound Co., Ltd., we are still exploring overseas market, including Europe, US, India and Asia. Please feel free to contact us This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for details.


In 1910, Hitachi Ltd was founded in Japan by Mr Namihei Odaira as a repair shop of a mining company. Today, it has been developed into a global international corporation with 330 thousands employees and has an annual sales of USD76 billion. Hitachi has then expanded its business to Hong Kong and established Hitachi (Hong Kong ) Limited on 10 January 1964, mainly responsible for the sales of home appliances.

**CAH is the exclusive distributor of DLP Projectors in Hong Kong and Macao region; Professional PTZ Camera in Worldwide (excl. PRC).


Bag End

Bag End Loudspeakers, USA is a leading loudspeaker manufacturer. Industry experts agree BAG END Loudspeaker Systems' Bag End Subwoofer is one of the greatest advances in sound reproduction technology in decades. To back that up, the industry twice nominated ELF for TEC Awards for technical excellence & creativity and for a Golden Note Award by the Academy for the Advancement of High End Audio.

** CAH is the exclusive distributor within China, Hong Kong and Macao region.



With Lab.gruppen unique switch mode and other patented technologies, we work towards providing advanced power amplifiers and powered loudspeaker management systems that are utterly reliable and sonically superior. Through continued research and persistent hard work, Lab.gruppen strives to stay among the leading brands within the professional audio community. The company eschews diversification in order to focus completely on its core discipline – audio technology.
**CAH is the exclusive distributor of commerical audio series in Hong Kong and Macau region.


Tannoy has become a recognized leader in high performance commercial install audio.
Tannoy is one of the oldest and most prestigious audio brands in the world, having been founded as the Tulsemere Manufacturing Company back in 1926. The name originates from a solid-state rectifier invented by company founder, Guy Fountain, made from an alloy or mixture of Tantalum and Lead. This Tantalum-Lead Alloy was the basis of the now world famous brand name of Tannoy.

**CAH is the exclusive distributor of commercial audio series in Hong Kong and Macau region. 

Please click for Tannoy Full Line Catalogue.

Bose® Professional

For more than 40 years, Bose Professional has developed innovative loudspeakers, electronics and software to meet the needs of demanding professional audio applications. Bose Professional provide substantial support for the distribution network, including product technical information, system design support and after-sale support. Bose sound is found throughout the world in performing arts centers, theaters, houses of worship, stadiums, restaurants, retail stores, corporate buildings and hospitality establishments.

** CAH is the distributor of Hong Kong and Macao region.





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