CAH launches two types of amplifiers for different proposes, Karaoke Amplifiers for Professional and Home Karaoke Use, and Powerful Amplifiers from 150W to 1200W for Professional use.

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The CAH MA series Amplifier is a state of the art power amplifier developed through years of engineering and OEM work with other manufacturers. It features unique circuit design that provides detailed, high quality power with high fidelity audio signal amplification to insure smooth delivery. With high-power and low distortion, the CAH MA-series amplifier is frequently used by audio professionals in Hong Kong. In terms of safety, the amplifier features delay start protection against high current impact damage and also large grille air inlets allow for adequate air flow between the components. Features:• Unique Circuit Design to Provide High Fidelity…
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The KA-680 is CAH's best DSP KTV Amplifier, featuring outstanding sonic performance matched with high quality materials. The system features advanced digital signal processing that includes feedback elimination and stores up to 32 different sound configurations. With smart locking feature and circuit over-loading protection, the DSP KTV Amplifier is the number one choice for professional venues. Features:• Outstanding Sonic Performance• Advanced Digital Signal Processing• Fully Functional Remote Control• Feedback Elimination Feature• Stores Up to 32 Different Effects• Smart Locking Feature• Circuit Over-Loading Protection Application:• High End Home Karaoke• Professional Karaoke Venue
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KA-630 is designed for High End Home and Professional Karaoke (KTV) applications. It has ±7 steps music pitch control, digital echo / reverberation effects and microphone EQ to be driven by a sophisticated DSP. Volume controlling is separated for effects, microphone and music. Provision of mixed line level output and microphone anti-feedback control. It has also hidden presets with password locking to prevent undeserved change of system parameter by inexperienced users. Reliability and overall superior performance make it the best choice for karaoke application. Features:• High fidelity• Digital signal processing• ±7 steps music pitch control• Microphone anti-feedback• Microphone equalization• Separate line level output• Hidden presets functionality• Password locking• Level and parameter LCD display Application:•…