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CP-HD9950B is the latest family member of Hitachi 9000 Series Projector. CP-HD9950B is a DLP projector and offers Full HD (1,920x1,080 pixels) with a brightness of 9,500 lumens. And it equipped with an SDI input - the standard in the broadcast industry. 3G SDI can transfer 1,080p signals via a coaxial cable. CP-HD9950B provide 5 digital inputs SDI, HDBaseT, HDMI (x2) and DVI.
Basic functions: Auto signal search & Source skip, Frame Lock, Image blank by RS232C/Remote control LED lamps (Filter, Shutter, Security, Lamp-1, Lamp-2, Temp, Power), Mechanical shutter, Magnify, Mirror Reverse Image, Up-side Down Image, Freeze, Serial number displayed on EASY MENU and on the side of projector, Status monitoring by sub LCD
Picture adjustments: Bright/Rich Colour, Accentualizer and HDCR, Equalizing Colour temperature adjustment, Equalizing Digital Gamma Correction, Picture mode (Standard, Natural, Cinema, Dynamic, Board (Black), Board (Green), Whiteboard, Daytime, DICOM Simulation, User-1, User-2, User-3), Resolution setting, Video noise reduction, Mirror Reverse Image, Up-side Down Image, My Button by Remote control, My Memory, My source, My Text, MyScreen
Digital Keystone Correction: Horizontal, Vertical: ±10 degrees
Advanced features: 360 degree installation angle, Active Iris, Blending/Cropping, Filter timer/selectable interval time to show the message for air filter cleaning, Image blank by RS232C/Remote control, Lens memory (Lens shift position, Lens type) MAC address displayed on the side of projector, Magnify 4 times (XGA) by RS232C/ Remote control, Mechanical shutter, Overscan (Video, Component video signal), Perfect Fit (4 corners), capable of saving/loading the setup Picture by Picture/Picture in Picture, Magnify 4 times (XGA) by RS232C/Remote control, Portrait projection, Resolution setting, Warping and Blending Simultaneously,Scheduling features, 24/7 Dual Lamp mode


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