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All signals picked up by microphones, conference and interpreting systems have to be processed and redistributed in different directions – for instance to loudspeakers, recording equipment or video conferencing systems. beyerdynamic extends the product range for different applications in projects and provides with Coretis a digital signal processor to process audio signals and to supply them in a number of ways to the listeners. With Coretis the perfect sound of beyerdynamic microphones receives an appropriate final processing.
- Ease of Use
Coretis provides a logical and easy to understand DSP structure. No programming of the DSP layout is necessary. The intuitive graphical user interface shows an overview of the activated DSP functions and the matrix status. All DSP parameters can be easily edited via the matrix view. A rotary encoder on the Coretis front panel allows a direct access to presets and volume control.
- Signal Processing
Coretis provides a large number of integrated audio processing functions such as mixer, gain sharing auto mixer, 4-band parametric equalizer, high and low pass filter, ducker, leveler, compressor/limiter and delay.
- AVB – Digital Audio-Network
Coretis provides a digital networked audio connection. The integrated 4-port AVB Ethernet switch allows sharing the audio to other AVB devices without the need of third party AVB switches.
- GPIOs & Logic Functions
A large number of general purpose inputs and outputs are available. Programmable logic functions can be set to react on a multitude of internal and external events and control the system.
- 20x16 Matrix
The large 20x16 matrix gives the user the flexibility to cover almost all applications. The inputs and outputs can be allocated individually to each of the matrix channels.
- Presets
Presets allow a fast reaction on daily changing environmental situations. All system parameters can be individually selected and modified. Additionally beyerdynamic provides a wide range of ready to use presets for basic applications.
- Control & Monitoring
Control and monitoring software is available for all relevant desktop and mobile operating systems like Windows, OS X, iOS and Android. Third party media control interfaces like AMX, Crestron and Extron can be seamlessly integrated via Ethernet or RS232.
- Conference & boardrooms
- Presentation & education
- Town halls
- Multipurpose rooms
- Tele & video conferences
- Courtrooms
- House of worship
- Panel discussions & press conferences
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