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MCS 20

Power Supply Unit

The MCS 20 power supply unit has been designed to power all devices in the MCS 20 conference system. The operation of the MCS 20 is not position-dependent. Several units can be piled in a rack. Up to 45 microphone units can be connected to one power supply unit. The maximum number of microphone units / microphones connected to one MCS 20 power supply unit by using a 20 m long cable from the power supply unit to the first microphone unit, 2.5 m long cables between the microphone units and 5 m long cables between individual rows of tables:

- MCS 221 (and MCS 223): max. 45 microphone units
- MCS 263 and Classis GM 315 (and MCS 223): max. 40 microphone units
- MCS 263 and MPR 211 (and MCS 223): max. 30 microphone units

Connection of up to 45 microphone units
Space-saving 19" housing
Simple extension of the system with several MCS 20 power supply units by cascading
AF input for external sound sources, XLR, balanced, ungrounded
Input level adjustable via potentiometer
AF outputs for recording and audio transmission
Operation is not position-dependent
Overcurrent and thermo protection
All connections on the rear
Power on LED on the front
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