CAH Professional Sound Company

- History

CAH Professional Sound Co., Ltd is one of the leading companies in the audiovisual industry based in Hong Kong.

Since its inception 1985, CAH has established itself as a major distributor for many well-known audiovisual brands, products and technology; becoming a major partner for many international manufacturers looking to expand across APAC and the Greater China region. Throughout the years, CAH has developed a strong portfolio of businesses including distribution, pro AV solutions, audio engineering and maintenance support. We pride ourselves in providing expert advice to our customers on audiovisual solutions, ranging from a small conference room system to a large scale shopping mall PA system. Regardless of project size, our team strives to fulfill our customer’s needs through innovative ideas, professional audio knowledge and workable designs.

is a registered trademark owned by CAH Audio Products, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary company of CAH Professional Sound Co. Since 1990, the brand has focused on manufacturing professional microphones and audio peripherals. With 20+ years of experience in professional audio production, CAH Audio Products, Inc. is now renowned for high-quality audio products and innovative technology. CAH is passionate in expanding and developing this platform to expand in the Asia market.

In order to broaden our scope of operation, CAH has joined forces with TICO Digital Group, becoming one of the group’s core members since 2008. CAH plays a crucial role in connecting overseas manufacturers with TICO’s strong operational network in China. Leveraging our industry experience and unique position as a bridge between China and overseas, we are able to add value by providing market analysis and strategic business planning; in order to create partnership opportunities that offer a win-win proposition.

In 2012, CAH expanded its portfolio of services towards providing complete audiovisual solutions for our clients. With our extensive distribution network of products, experience in system design and strong working relationships with local contractors, we are in an advantageous position to provide the best audiovisual solution for our clients.

CAH – your ultimate solutions provider

- Mission Statement

We strive be the ultimate solutions provider for our clients through industry leading innovation and technology.

Commitment – Commitment is standing behind our work and offering no excuses for mistakes. We do right by our clients simply because it is what we do.
Ambition – Ambition is our passion in becoming the industry leading audiovisual provider. We strive for the best in our work and bring out the best in those who we work with.
Humbleness – We are industry professionals yet students of a trade that is constantly evolving. Humbleness allows us absorb new information and industry knowledge from our projects, partners and manufacturers, so that we can pass on this information to our clients.
Service – Service is about meeting the real needs of our clients. The quality we deliver is what sets us apart and provide long term value to those we work with. We anticipate the needs of our clients and help them become successful in their own endeavor.
Teamwork – CAH teamwork creates a synergy, allowing us to accomplish more together than the sum of our individual efforts.

- ISO9001 : 2008 Certified (PDF)

After a year of extensive preparation and dedication, CAH was awarded the ISO9001:2008 Quality Management Systems certification by the International Organization for Standardization, on February of 2008. The certification was issued by BSI (British Standards Institution), the well recognized certifying body for the International Organization for Standardization. The achievement of this highly prestigious designation marks the excellence of our company's overall operation and customer service; adhering to the strict criteria set forth by ISO's standard of quality management systems.

- Human Resources and Management

Our company's management team consists of seasoned professionals with over 15 years of experience in the professional audio industry. Coupled with our team of highly skilled engineers, we offer exceptional and professional services to our global clients. In addition, our company employs the latest and most advanced operations and technology that conform to the ISO9001:2008 standards and ensures seamless organization and planning, implementation, quality control and testing that exceeds the most stringent administrative requirements.

- Advanced Technology

Besides having highly skilled engineers and technical experts, our company employs the state-of-the-art EASE 4.1 system design and acoustic analysis program, AUTOCAD and SHUTTLE CAD as drafting tools that ensure precision and success in our systematic approach to designs.

-Customers are NO. 1!

Our professional staffs are here to offer our clients with the most comprehensive services: Free consultation, system design and EASE software analysis.

The most comprehensive one-stop services
The most advanced and cost effective technology
The best after sales services

- Our Targeted Customers

Conference & Exhibition Center
Theater & Auditorium
Multi-purpose Hall
Entertainment Center
Private Club
Night Club & Karaoke
Shopping Mall
Corporate Boardroom
School & University
Multi-media Lecture Hall
TV/Radio Broadcast Station
Recording Studio
Post-Production Facility