" CA2402  "


2 x 240 Watt Commercial Amplifier with Energy Star Certification

CA2402: 2 x 240 Watt dual-channel Commercial Amplifier provides the perfect solution for commercial and industrial applications requiring great sounding distributed audio coupled with power conservation and reduced operating expense.

Capable of delivering high-quality sound over both Low-Z (4/8 Ohm) and High-Z (70/100 V) loudspeaker configurations offering extreme flexibility on every channel. CA2402 is easy to install and operate – even for non-technical personnel.

Simply put, the CA2402 is ideal-suited for bars & restaurants, retail destinations, hotels, corporate, education or other venues needing background music and/or a public address system.


Product Features

    2 x 240 Watt amplifier for commercial and industrial applications

    Low-Z (4/8 Ohm) and High-Z (70/100 V) operation per output with switchable high-pass filter

    Energy Star* certified design conserves energy and drastically reduces operational cost

    Direct drive, constant power technology for superior audio performance and reliability

    GPI remote volume control using standard RJ-45 connector and Ethernet cable

    Individual front panel master volume and bass/treble controls for each output

    Auto Ramp circuitry for quiet and fast power up/down enables real-world energy savings

    Front panel power control button for direct access

    Rack-mountable 1U, half-rack width enclosure with joining brackets for rack, table and wall mounting

    Euroblock type amplifier input and output connectors

   Convection-cooled, fan-less amplifier technology for low noise

   10-Year Warranty Program

   Designed and engineered in Sweden


Energy Star Certified

Not only does CA2402’s direct drive constant power technology provide superior audio performance and reliability, it also consumes less mains power than competing models, which has earned it Energy Star* certification.

This amazing technology makes it possible to design and build powerful amplifier systems that not only save money on the electrical bill, but also reduce the requirements and cost at the installation for the mains supply. In fact, it is likely that installation can be done utilising the in-place mains infrastructure. This adds up to significant installation and operational savings and protects the environment.